♥ drop everything and read.

i have no real desire to visit london, but then great,
 must-see art projects like, "books about town," pop up everywhere
within walking distance, and i need to see them in person,
or in the very least, write about them.

here are some of my favorite (of the 50!) 
book bench sculptures, painted by a variety of artists:

( nineteen eighty four, mrs. dalloway, through the looking glass,
great expectations & mary poppins!)


♥ tea (dresses) for two.

at my wedding, my bridesmaids each wore a little black dress-
and while i still love the idea of each girl being able to put that dress
to good use for some other occasion, i also la la love these vintage-
inspired tea dresses from soho mode on etsy!

how awesome would it be to pick your pattern from the
designer's vintage archives and have a dress custom made to your dimensions?
i'm obsessed!! i know it's only been three years, but should nick and i
get re-married so i can include these dresses? ha!


♥ a fool for tulle. part 11.

guess what i just bought?!! (but in grey!)

nothing makes me happier than twirling around in a full tulle skirt-
so when i saw this ballerina glam tulle dress, i knew i had to have it!
and at under $25- can you really blame me? :)


♥ if i were a boy...

... i would totally need to find a way to get my (not so little) hands on
something from this print on print on print spring 2015 collection
from valentino. everything looks like wearable pajamas! 

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