♥ step up.

i went through my shoe collection the other day and had a major realization:
i used to be a drag queen! all of my shoes are way too tall and not conducive 
to life in retail/life with a baby. if i had it my way, all of my shoes would
be comfortable enough to wear all day long AND be decorated with
big, girly bows, like these beauties from model/designer,


♥ scenes from the weekend!

we haven't been away all year (yikes!)
this past weekend, we went to new hampshire for a wedding,
and soaked up every last minute of free time together with our friends.
the foliage was gorgeous, and nick took henry for his first swim!
what have you been up to?



♥ a little bit of luxe.

this week the new LUXE by banded collection made its internet debut,
and it couldn't be lovelier. not only are these headbands super comfortable,
but now the added element of beading and flowers add a little bit of glamour
to your overall look. ooh la la love!!

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